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Dr Jo Burgin

Menopause Doctor

Jo is a Doctor and academic with over 15 years working in Sexual and Reproductive Health, both clinically and as a part of non-governmental organisations. She is a current Clinical fellow at the University of Bristol with research focusing on menopause.

Jo, an accomplished medical professional in the field of women's health, holds a Masters in Sexual and Reproductive Health research, complemented by postgraduate diplomas in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Her dedication to advancing reproductive and hormonal health is evident in her international work, where she focused on delivering crucial training to clinicians in low-resource countries. 


As a clinical editor for the Contraception Choices website, Jo plays a pivotal role in developing informative content on perimenopause. Additionally, her affiliation with the British Menopause Society underscores her commitment to staying at the forefront of menopause-related advancements. 


Jo's recent studies, particularly in Contraception for Women over 40 and Mental Health and Perimenopause, have shed light on the pressing need for enhanced services in women's healthcare. Her contributions extend beyond research papers published in the British Medical Journal; she has also presented her findings on peri-menopause within Bristol's black communities, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and community health. 


Despite her extensive contributions to research and academia, Jo remains grounded as an NHS GP in Bristol, where she continues to advocate for comprehensive and holistic care for her patients. Her passion for improving women's healthcare services is not only evident in her studies but is also a driving force in her everyday practice. 

Dr Jo Burgin
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