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Our Mission & Ethos 

Here at Bristol Menopause and Wellwoman Clinic our commitment is unwavering in nurturing the holistic wellbeing of women, amalgamating evidence-based care, compassionate support and empowering lifestyle guidance. As British Menopause Society accredited specialists, our mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life for women. 
At our clinic, we go beyond conventional care. We tailor personalised treatment plans, provide education on lifestyle choices and offer unwavering support. Our approach is rooted in empowering women to not only embrace but navigate the transformative phase of menopause with confidence and understanding. 
We take pride in celebrating the strength and resilience inherent in every woman. Our goal is to create a supportive and empowering environment where women can flourish, ensuring that they emerge from the challenges of menopause with a renewed sense of wellbeing and vitality. 


Are you feeling confused due to the conflicting advice on using HRT and unsure what is happening to you? 

Here at the Bristol Menopause & Wellwoman Clinic we can help you through this difficult time by providing a holistic, expert service in a caring and empathetic environment. Medication can also be prescribed if appropriate. 


Having struggled to find the help required during her own menopause, our founder Hazel Hayden started undertaking her own research into the Menopause and the various treatment options available. Bristol Menopause and Wellwoman Clinic was set up to ensure that other women did not have to struggle through the peri-menopause and menopause without professional help and support.  


We can offer you a personalised and individual consultation to review your symptoms, lifestyle and tailor treatments to suit you. We are also happy to consult via Video if you are unable to attend our clinic in person. Please email or telephone to discuss this. At the end of the consultation, a detailed report will be sent to your GP for continuity of care, and we will arrange a review date with you to monitor symptoms and treatment.  


Our clinic also able to prescribe body-identical hormone replacement therapy, which is safer than older HRT treatments. We offer a wider range of HRT treatments than the NHS. 


Bristol Menopause & Wellwoman Clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. 


"I have been using Bristol Menopause and Wellwoman Clinic for a year and couldn't be happier. I had an early chemical menopause years ago and have had many issues which have been resolved by taking HRT. I am also terrible when it comes to having blood taken but Jenna is magnificent in this department - understanding, caring and friendly. No problems with my blood being done by Jenna! All the staff at the clinic are friendly and understanding and it is a lovely safe space where you can go and explain your problems without fear of ridicule. Thoroughly recommended."

Sally, March 2024

"This clinic has saved me! Hazel and her team are amazing, responsive and kind.
Everytime I have asked for help, I have been given a quick and accurate response, working closely with my doctor.
As a result I feel so much happier and more like 'me'.
I have recommended this service to all of my friends and family members. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Bristol Menopause....they are just fantastic, at a time of life that is already challenging."

Becky, August 2023

"I highly recommend Bristol Menopause clinic to all those I care about who are struggling. Hazel is warm and genuine, her knowledge and support is second to non. Having tried many other routes for help, this is the best! I almost don't want to leave a review incase it becomes too popular!"

Emily, January 2024

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