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Dr Alice Thomas

Menopause Doctor

Alice is a dedicated healthcare professional with a diverse background in general practice, women's health, and mental health assessment.

Her journey began with her medical education at the University of Liverpool School of Medicine, where she laid the foundation for her career. After graduating in 2004, she embarked on her career in medicine, initially working as a GP in Merseyside. 


However, it was her move to Sydney, Australia, in 2010 that proved pivotal in shaping her professional interests. There, she discovered her passion for women's health and particularly for managing the menopause, while working in a bustling family practice. This experience ignited her dedication to providing comprehensive care for women during the perimenopause and menopause stages. 


In 2013, Alice returned to the UK and settled in North Somerset. She continued her work as a menopause doctor, now complemented by a role as a mental health assessor. Alice is committed to offering evidence-based and personalised advice to her patients, recognising the significance of lifestyle factors in managing symptoms. She approaches her practice with empathy and support, valuing the opportunity to empower women through education and guidance during this transitional phase of life. 


Beyond her professional endeavors, Alice cherishes her time with her two young boys and embraces a love for the countryside. She finds solace in outdoor activities such as running and walking in the fields, and enjoys embarking on family adventures, including road trips in their campervan. 


In summary, Alice exemplifies a healthcare professional who is not only dedicated to her patients' well-being but also finds balance in her personal life through nature and family time.

Dr Alice Thomas
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