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Services we offer include: 
Private consultations about the Menopause (can be either face-to-face or by video call) 
Wellwoman Checks  
Pessary advice and fitting 
Mirena Coil fitting and removal 
Contraception advice 
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Private menopause specialist support and advice  

Menopause symptoms can be devastating for many women no matter when they start. At these times you may no longer feel like yourself.  
Your periods may still be regular or may have stopped altogether, but you will likely be suffering with mood swings, loss of libido, anxiety, loss of confidence, chronic fatigue and hot flushes. These symptoms often vary in severity and can develop suddenly. 
The onset of these symptoms can be like becoming a teenager again, with huge emotional and hormonal turbulence. 
Through these hard times, if you are struggling we can offer a payment plan to help spread the cost of an appointment. 
Payment for all services is taken at the time of booking. 

Menopause supplements now available to order! 

Are you feeling confused due to the conflicting advice on using HRT and unsure what is happening to you? 
Here at the Bristol Menopause & Wellwoman Clinic we can help you through this difficult time by providing a holistic, expert service in a caring and empathetic environment. Medication can also be prescribed if appropriate. 
Having struggled to find the help required during her own menopause, our founder Hazel Hayden started undertaking her own research into the Menopause and the various treatment options available. Bristol Menopause and Wellwoman Clinic was set up to ensure that other women did not have to struggle through the peri-menopause and menopause without professional help and support.  
We can offer you a personalised and individual consultation to review your symptoms, lifestyle and tailor treatments to suit you. We are also happy to consult via Video if you are unable to attend our clinic in person. Please email or telephone to discuss this. At the end of the consultation, a detailed report will be sent to your GP for continuity of care, and we will arrange a review date with you to monitor symptoms and treatment.  
Our clinic also able to prescribe body-identical hormone replacement therapy, which is safer than older HRT treatments. We offer a wider range of HRT treatments than the NHS. 
Bristol Menopause & Wellwoman Clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. 
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 Experiencing Changes? 

Every woman will be subject to the menopause at some point. 
If symptoms arrive earlier than expected, during your 30s or 40s, having a change in your wellbeing can be really disconcerting, but having them later into your 50s can also be devastating as you may think you have sailed through your menopause. 
Even worse, the increase in irritability and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with these changes can adversely impact on life at home and work. 
The menopause can also have long term effects on both mental and physical health, causing a deterioration to an individual’s overall wellbeing and self-esteem. 
"Everyone at the clinic is so incredibly helpful, informative and very 
professional at the same time as being very friendly, which is frankly 
Hazel has a way of imparting her considerable knowledge that is 
considerate and not at all intimidating. 
The specialist Vitamins she provides are outstanding and have 
made a HUGE difference to my general health and well being - I 
cannot recommend Hazel and her dedicated team highly enough 
they have succeeded in changing my life!" 
CTW, December 2022 
"I have now had two menopause consultations with Janet of Bristol Menopause and can’t praise her highly enough. She has a warm, caring and compassionate nature. Entering the menopause has been an incredibly distressing time for me as it has made me so unwell, but Janet is an excellent listener and shows great empathy. She is highly professional and clearly has extensive clinical knowledge around the subject and I always feel in safe hands with her. She always gives me hope and this was especially so in the beginning, when things were very bleak and I was really struggling with the debilitating symptoms of peri menopause. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Janet to anyone in need of Menopause advice, care and treatment." 
NH, January 2022 
"About four years ago I made an appointment with my GP, convinced I had early onset dementia. I had problems with my memory, lack of concentration and cognitive changes but was quickly dismissed and sent on my way. 
By the time I finally made an appointment with Jan in August last year, I had continued to suffer with these and other symptoms, including anxiety, tearfulness, sleep issues, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, lack of energy, weight gain, dry/thinning skin and hair, painful joints/muscles and more. My family and work life were suffering and I was at breaking point. 
Jan immediately put me at ease, listened and most importantly understood. She made me realise that my symptoms were totally normal, that I wasn’t in fact losing my mind. She fully explained treatment options and together we came up with a plan for me to move forward with. This included HRT and with a few tweaks along the way we have found a regime that totally works for me. 
Jan is such a lovely, compassionate consultant who has a warm and easy going way with clients. Without sounding too dramatic I feel as though I have been given my life back. I can’t thank Jan and the Bristol Menopause clinic enough." 
LB, December 2021 


The Bristol Menopause & Wellwoman Clinic was founded by 
Hazel Hayden RGN NMP  
FRSH Advanced Certificate in Menopause 
MSc Sexual Health in Menopause 
Nutrition Diploma and Wellwoman Practitioner 
British Menopause Society Menopause Specialist 
Member of British Menopause Society. 
“I have been through the menopause myself and found it difficult to access the correct treatment. I have spent the last 15 years researching and developing my expertise in Women's Health and the effects of diet, exercise and lifestyle on the perimenopause and menopause. 
I am passionate about women’s health and believe that no woman should have to suffer with these symptoms. As everyone is different, I develop an individual tailored plan for each of my clients. 
Follow-up consultations are also important to ensure that the plan is correct and working for you.” 

If you would like a personal Wellwoman Check, or are suffering from any of the symptoms of the menopause and would like to learn more, please click below to make an appointment with one of our consultants. 

You’ll be so glad you did! 
(Note: There are 2 booking options below, one for new patients and one for returning patients) 
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