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Testosterone Follow-up



Consultation in person or via Videolink 

Up to 30-minutes £135.00 

This consultation is suitable for anyone who:

Is already an existing patient and has commenced Testosterone and requires their follow-up appointment in accordance with the information below.

We recommend that the appointment schedule below is followed:

  1. 3 month blood test after commencing Testosterone: SHBG, Testosterone & Oestradiol 

  2. 6 month follow up appointment, this consultation does not require a blood test

  3. 12 month follow up appointment with blood test

  4. Thereafter you will require a 6 monthly review, bloods will be required every 12 months in order to continue with your prescription. 

What’s included in your consultation: 

  • Assess your HRT & Testosterone effectiveness 

  • Discuss symptoms 

  • Adjust treatment if necessary & prescribe (private prescriptions available)

  • Update your GP if required 

  • Personalised Management plan: A follow-up plan will be established to monitor your progress and adjust treatment as needed. This may include scheduling regular check-ups, monitoring hormone levels, or tracking changes in symptoms.

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