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Mirena Coil fitting



This consultation is suitable for anyone who:

  • Would like to have the Mirena coil fitted for contraceptive purposes

  • Would like to have the Mirena coil fitted for HRT (progesterone) purposes

  • Needs an option to manage heavy menstrual bleeding

Please note this does not include the cost of the Mirena Coil, which is charged at an additional £140.00.

During your consultation, we cover:

Initial Telephone Call:

  • Discuss coil options and procedure details.


  • Discuss your medical history, including any past or current medical conditions, medications, and allergies.

  • Explain how the Mirena coil works and how it will be inserted into your uterus.

  • Obtain consent: You'll be asked to sign a consent form indicating that you understand the procedure, its benefits, and potential risks.

Physical Examination:

  • Perform a pelvic exam to assess the size and position of your uterus and ensure there are no contraindications to the insertion.

Assessment & Fitting:

  • Placement of the Mirena Coil: The Mirena coil will be inserted into your uterus through your cervix. A speculum may be used to visualise your cervix, and a special inserter device will place the coil in the correct position. You may experience cramping or discomfort during this part of the procedure.


  • Once the coil is in place, you will be provided with instructions on what to expect in the hours and days following the insertion, including any potential side effects or complications to watch for.

  • Advice and guidance for aftercare.

It's essential to communicate openly with your practitioner throughout the process and to ask any questions you may have about the procedure or the Mirena coil itself.

Book your consultation today and take an important step towards effective contraceptive and hormonal management.

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