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Gold Wellwoman Checks



In these stressful and uncertain times it is really important that we care for ourselves, both physically and mentally.  


Therefore, we have specifically designed a series of Wellwoman Checks for women who want a thorough review of their wellbeing and lifestyle. 


These checks provide clinical guidance and health advice in order to help you make changes to enhance their current health and well being. 


They are delivered by one of our experienced Practitioners who have specialist training and knowledge built up over many years of clinical practice. 


If you already have a known long term condition please inform us in advance

What's included in your appointment: 

  • 45 minute appointment,

  • Medical history: Our Practitioner will review your medical history, including any symptoms they're experiencing, menstrual history, and any previous diagnoses or treatments

  • Medication Review 

  • Smoking, Alcohol & Sleep review 

  • Diet and Exercise assessment 

  • Anxiety, Mental Health & Stress Review 

  • Resting ECG 

  • Height, Weight & BMI 

  • Blood pressure, peak flow & Oxygen saturations 

  • A full abdominal examination 

  • Full breast check 

  • Blood test -  including Full Blood Count, Renal Function test, Proteins, Iron levels, Lipid profile, Magnesium Thyroid function test, Hormones including Oestradiol, HbA1c, Vitamin D, Folate, Ferritin & Vitamin B12  

  • Follow up appointment 30 minute (2 weeks after with your blood results and ECG reading)

  • Personalised Management plan: A follow-up plan will be established to monitor your progress and adjust treatment as needed. This may include scheduling regular check-ups, monitoring hormone levels, or tracking changes in symptoms.

  • Complimentary gift bag 

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