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Bristol Menopause Community



Introducing Bristol Menopause Membership. A community specially designed for women navigating the complexities of menopause, midlife and beyond. Our monthly membership offers a supportive and informative space to help you manage and embrace the changes during midlife with confidence and health. 

What Our Membership Includes: 

Monthly Educational Webinars: 

Each month, we host a webinar focusing on critical menopause and midlife related topics such as sleep, self-care, weight management, and overall wellbeing. These sessions are led by experts who provide valuable insights and practical advice to help you thrive, as well as guest speakers. 

Quarterly Meetups: 

Build connections and share your journey with like-minded women at our quarterly meetups. These gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to find support and friendship in a caring, understanding environment. 

Private WhatsApp Group:

 Join our private WhatsApp group to stay connected with your peers. This 24/7 support network allows you to share experiences, ask questions, and find encouragement from women who understand exactly what you are going through. 

Exclusive Discounts: 

Members receive exclusive discounts on health supplements, medical appointments, and blood tests, making it easier and more affordable to manage your health. 

Additional Benefits: 

Guest Speakers: We also feature guest speakers who bring fresh perspectives and expert knowledge on various topics relevant to menopause, midlife and women’s health, enriching your learning and support experience. 

Membership Cost: 

Experience all these benefits and more for just £5 per month. Our Bristol Menopause Membership is priced to be accessible because we believe every woman deserves to feel empowered and supported through her midlife transition and beyond. 

Join us today to not only navigate menopause, midlife and beyond with ease but also to celebrate us. Simply drop us an email to join at


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