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Additional Information


What to expect

1 Hour Consultation: This is the time for you to share your medical history with us and to explain your female health / peri / menopausal journey so far. Once we have the full picture, we will then discuss with you what treatment options are available. 


HRT is usually (but not always) prescribed at this stage and we can send the request to your GP for them to prescribe it. However, depending upon your GP this may take time and we have no control over this. 


We offer to do your first 3 months as a private prescription at a cost of £11.50 a month for each item. After this your GP can take over the prescribing at NHS prices rather than private prices. The current NHS prescription charges are £9.35 per item. 


If you choose to have us provide your prescriptions then the benefits of our private prescription service are: delivered next day to your home; you can start your treatment quickly and start feeling better sooner; time-saving as you don’t need to visit your GP; Testosterone and Androfeme costs are higher and are not available on the NHS, although the male equivalent testosterone gels are available after initial prescription. 


Doctors’ letters 

A letter to your GP will be written within 14 days following your appointment. We are environmentally and security conscious and therefore will request your GP’s email address.  


It is out of our control how long it takes the GP to action the letter and consultation. Some GPs will action it very quickly, whilst others can take up to 6-8 weeks. You are of course able to contact your GP to try and chase a response. However, we cannot do this for you. 


Contacting us after your consultation 

Your care is our main priority, and with this in mind we ask you to email us 6 weeks after your appointment to let us know that you are feeling well.  

We recommend a further 30 minute Review at 3 months at a charge of £115. Following this we can offer a subscription package for women who would like ongoing support and care. 


If you have a question between the 6 week check in email and your 3 month Review then please email us on

Please note: We are all unique and physically and hormonally different. What works for one person may not work for another, and as some people have complex physiologies then sometimes it can take longer to find the right balance and solution. HRT is not for everyone.  


Generally speaking the Consultation and Review system works well for most people, but if you are more complex or have underlying health conditions then support outside the scope of Consultation and Review will be provided at an additional cost in order to cover the cost of the consultant's time. 

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